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Try before you buy. Kayaks and necessary equipment can get expensive and take lots of storage space.  See if you want to invest or if you are an occasional user rent ours only when you need it.

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$AVE money with our reasonable rates

We offer daily & weekly rentals of kayaks and the equipment you need to enjoy your day on the lake, river, or vacation to the beach. Discounts for multiple kayaks and longer rentals.



Based in Upstate SC, we have easy access to lakes and nearby streams in the area (when we add other locations we will add them to our list).. see the links on the next page.


RENTTHATKAYAK.COM was just established this summer. Above is an actual photo from one of our kayak rentals on a family beach trip.

Easy Kayak Rentals. Rent one of our kayaks and take it out to the Lake, River, or Beach for a day or whole week with your family and friends.

Great Equipment. Kayaks (sit on top and sit in recreational kayaks) in great condition...Maybe later we will get into the heavy duty white water equipment.

Why rent with us?


Whether you're 18 or 68, a day in a Kayak will make you feel like a kid. Spend a day on the water and enjoy memories for years to come.

Call or Text 864-381-7195 to check availability